My Way, My Way…

God's Original Plan

God’s Original Plan (Photo credit: McChidi)


“…What I Say Goes, and I’m in Control”

Reading today’s devotion “My Way,” I couldn’t help singing Usher’s “My Way.” The broader context of the song doesn’t relate to the theme of the reading, but the lines “My way, my way/What I say goes/and I’m in control” kept echoing through my mind.  I think we’ve all been in a position at one point in life where that was exactly the sentiment– as a parent, as a professional, as the more experienced party, etc.  Maybe it even makes sense in some situations; we do have areas of expertise to share.  But when we start expanding that sense of authority to other areas of our lives, we’re denying the Ultimate Authority.

I’ve struggled in this area.  I’m a Type-A personality, a dreamer, and a planner.  I’ve spent a lot of time working hard to succeed in various areas.  I practice, I study, I train, etc. so that I can meet the next goal on my list.  I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with preparing for the next steps in life.  But I think there have been times that I’ve focused so hard on my own goals that I’ve forgotten who should be steering my life.

Dear Father in Heaven,
Please lead me through my life so that I might follow the path YOU have set for me.  And when I don’t understand Your Way, help me to find comfort in knowing that You make all things work together for my good.  Lord, help me to let go so that I can see You working in my life.


2 thoughts on “My Way, My Way…

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, and “pinging” me to here! Great devo!

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